Our Vision

St Joseph’s School is proud to honour the MacKillop values.  We align these values with the key competencies, and the Kosta and Kallick “Habits of Mind.”


In 2015, we revisited our vision and values, starting with extensive surveys of the parents and students.  This is a summary of the feedback:


Both parents and students highly value our faith-based, small, family-focused school.  Children and parents made comments about quality relationships between learners, learners and teachers and teachers and families.  Learners are achieving highly and feel positive about learning – they work hard, are proud of their work and feel like they are achieving, as do their families.  Children recorded that using technology is an important part of their learning and they value their Religious Education. Students and their families are very positive about learning at St Joseph’s and made lots of positive comments. 


These are the words and phrases parents and students used to describe the qualities we believe our students will need in the future.


We followed up our surveys with a Community Gathering. 


To begin with we thought about who we are as a community and where we came from – both for families who have been in Pleasant Point for generations and those who have recently chosen this community. We also considered the background to

our school, what it means to be an integrated school in the MacKillop tradition, what the early settlers in Pleasant


Point were like and what it means to grow up in Pleasant Point now.


We then moved on to consider the future and there were some really good conversations about how we could encapsulate what we want for the children into a vision statement that everyone would be able to say and understand.


Everyone really liked our present vision statement which is a good reflection of the New Zealand Curriculum but felt we needed something "catchier."


Groups of parents and teachers worked together and came up with several possible vision statements which we then voted on.  In order of preference they were:


1, Challenging the mind, body and spirit.


2. Growing minds, growing faith


3. Family, Active, Independent/Innovative, Thinking, Hard working = FAITH


4. Lifelong faith-filled learners and leaders


5. Excellent faith based education for growing minds.


6. Be true to yourself and God


After further conversations with the Board and community we chose number 1 and added a special character element which reflected our conversations of the gathering:


Growing in Christ; challenging mind, body and spirit


We also talked about ways of remembering our MacKillop values more easily and came up with the mnemonic:

GROW = Gratitude (attitude of gratitude), Respect (include all), Open to God (listen to God), Working Hard (do your bit).

We had a competition to design a new logo for the school and the final logo was based on elements from the children's designs:

The white cross represents our faith as the heart of our school. The white cross is tall and it also reminds us of St Mary's Church which has been the focal point on the Pleasant Point landscape for many years.  The church is the main feature in our present logo.  The tall white cross will be a way of remembering this history. The five crosses are the Southern Cross reminding us of our founder Mary MacKillop - St Mary of the Southern Cross. We realised the five crosses also looked like the five wounds of Christ - the nails that pierced His hands and feet and the spear that pierced His side.  Maybe this can be a reminder of the challenge to grow which is part of our vision. The traditional school colours remain - blue and maroon.