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Attitude of Gratitude

·         Active PTA members are positive role models in the parent community.

·         The PTA will expect respect from and show respect to children, staff and Board, for the dedicated work undertaken in all areas of the school.

·         Parents with complaints or dissatisfactions will be referred to the appropriate action according to the school complaints procedure on the school website.


Make Room for All

·         Every parent is automatically a member of the PTA.

·         We welcome all people and respect their beliefs and culture.

·         Meetings will be run in an orderly fashion and everyone’s participation will be encouraged and respected. 

·         When people disagree this will be done with the understanding that people are entitled to their opinions and with a commitment to speaking calmly and working towards a shared understanding within the meeting.   

·         The PTA will always hold the children and the core business of teaching and learning at the heart of the matter.  Members working for the good of the school work for all children and not just their own children, or their own personal interests.


Do Your Bit

·         PTA work will be delegated. The minutes will record who has agreed to do what job with an expectation that this will happen.

·         Fund-raising and social activities undertaken by the PTA will be wholly managed by the PTA with cooperation from staff, students and Board.

·         When parents have ideas to offer which go beyond the PTA brief of fund-raising and social activities, they can take their ideas to the principal.  The principal will always listen to and record ideas.  Decisions regarding ideas will be made based on the school’s Charter goals, the good of all children and the integrity of the teaching and learning program.  People offering the ideas will be informed of the outcome of their ideas in due course.


Listen to God’s Call

·         Our school’s commitment to the Catholic faith will remain central to all interactions.

·         Appropriate, professional language should be used in meetings and at PTA functions.


 Chairperson, Sarah McCambridge   
 Treasurer, Lisa Wright
 Secretary, J. Donaldson
Helping Hands Coordinator, Fiona Boult

New family's buddy coordinator, Amy Stichman