All procedures, which support these policies, can be viewed in hard copy in the school office or by teachers on the shared teacher folder


Special Character Policy

Revised Special Character Aug 11.docx

Complaints Procedure

Uniform and Personal Appearance Policy.doc

NAG1 - CURRICULUM POLICIES (see also Curriculum)

Revised Religious Education Aug 2011.docx

Curriculum Delivery Policy.docx

Dual Heritage Policy.DOC


Special Education Policy.doc

NAG 1 Procedures (available in office and on teacher drive)
  • Curriculum Delivery Plan Curriculum
  • Maori Consultation Procedure

NAG 2 - Documentation and Self Review Policies

Protected Disclosures Policy and Procedure.DOC

NAG 2 Procedures (available in office and on teacher drive)
  • Complaints Procedure (see above in Community)
  • Protected disclosures procedure
  • Meetings in committee
  • Board email procedure

NAG 3 - Employer Responsibilities

Principal Appraisal Policy 09.doc

Staff AppraisalDevelopment Policy 09.doc

EEO Policy.DOC

Staff Appointments Policy.DOC

NAG 3 Procedures (available in office and on teacher drive)
  • Classroom Release Time Procedure
  • Staff Leave Procedure
  • Avoiding and dealing with sexual harassment procedure
  • Policy vetting procedure

Also  on Special Character website - all forms for recruiting and appointing a teacher: 

NAG 4A - Finance Policies

Finance Policy.doc

Theft and Fraud Prevention Policy.doc

NAG 4A Procedures (available in office and on teacher drive)
  • Controlling and monitoring income and expenditure
  • PTA funding

NAG 4B - Property Policies

Bldg and Asset Management Policy 2012.doc

NAG 5 - Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy

Cyber safety Policy and attachments.doc

child protection policy.docx

Care & Management of Children Policy.doc

NAG 5 Procedures (available in office and on teacher drive)

  • Health and Safety Accident reporting and investigation procedure
  • Health and Safety hazard control and risk assessment procedure
  • Health and Safety worker participation
  • Behaviour Management
  • Health and Safety EOTC procedure
  • Sunsmart procedure
  • Illness or injury
  • Safe environment procedure
  • Transport to and from school
  • On or off bus
  • Lockdown
  • Pandemic planning and procedures
  • Procedure for school closure after 905am
  • Procedure for school closure prior to 9.05am
  • In case of fire
  • IN case of earthquake
  • Traumatic incident procedure
  • Cyber-safety procedure - student agreement form A
  • Cyber-safety procedure - photo release form
  • EOTC consent contract and health form

NAG 6 - Administration / Legislation

NAG 6 Procedures (available in office and on teacher drive)
  • Visitors procedure
  • Enrolment procedure
  • Absences procedure
  • Meetings in committee procedure

(Board of Trustee Handbooks and Governance Policies are presently under review)