Stationery Lists 2016

Please cover all books and label clearly with name and subject

We recommend Warwick brand books for their sturdiness

Please reuse any books left over from last year


Room 2 – Mrs Baynes and Mrs Murphy, NE-Year 1 Stationery List 2016

1 x 1A8 Exercise books (or Clever Kiwi Activity Book) – Poem and Publishing

8 HB Staedtler Pencils – (we will store spares)

6 glue sticks – (we will store spares)

5 whiteboard markers (blue, black or green, fine tip, not chisel)

1 box of tissues

1 ream of photocopy paper

1 x vivid marker (any colour)

1 x 1l5 writing

2 x 1U4 writing

1 x 1F4 writing

2 x 3B1 – word book, communication

A good quality LARGE reading bag

1 green highlighet or biro (editing)

4 x 1A8 or 1B8 – language, maths, handwriting, RE/topic


Please also bring either a painting apron, or large shirt for art.



Room 1 – Miss Grant, Year 2-4 Stationery List 2016

1 handwriting book – 1l5

1 spelling book – 1l5

2x writing books – 1B5

2x maths books - 1H4

3B1 notebook (for recording reading books read)

8 HB Staedtler Pencils – (Named - I will store spares)

1 decent pencil sharpener

1 30cm clear hard plastic ruler (no flexi rulers)

Named biros – 2 red, 2 blue

1 good quality rubber

2 glue sticks (large AMOS – green/yellow ones)

1 pack of coloured pencils

1 pack of felt pens (thin/medium tip)

1 black vivid marker (fine tip)

2 black whiteboard markers (fine tip)

1 medium/large good quality pencil case

Good quality LARGE reading bag

7 scrapbooks with blank pages large enough to glue A4 pages – 1 RE, 2 homework, 1 reading activities, 2 maths, 1 spare (do not label)

1x 20 page clear file

1 box of tissues

1 box of photocopy paper



Room 3 – Mrs Gardner, Stationery List 2016

5x 1A8 exercise books

7x 1B5 exercise books – writing x2, reading, inquiry, homework

1 x 1ES maths quad book

1 x Clever Kiwi all purpose book ruled – labelled as R.E.

1x 40 page clear file

6x HB pencils named

2x each red, blue, and black biro

2x highlighters (different colours)

1x eraser

1x ruler – hard, plastic

2x gluestick (large)

1x pencil sharpener

1x box of tissues

1x ream of photocopy paper

1x black vivid marker

4x whiteboard markers (black or blue)

Felt pens

Colouring pencils

1 Medium/large good quality pencil case


Room 4  - Mrs Scott, Stationery List 2016

 5x 1B8 exercise books – RE, language, writing, reading, camp

1x 1E8 maths (must be this size)

1x 1A8 scrap books: maths working / visual arts (can use last years’ for visual arts)

3x 3B1 notebooks

1x refill

1x 40 page clear files

2x gluesticks (large)

4x HB pencils

2x red, blue pens

2x highlighers (different colours)

1x eraser

1x ruler

2x whiteboard markers

1x pencil sharpener

1x protractor

1x black vivid

1x box of tissues

1x ream of photocopy paper