Parent Teacher Association

“Parent Teacher Association” 2019 meetings are held (as needed) in the St Joseph’s School Staff room or Room 1. Meetings are advised through the newsletter or by email.

Whilst it is unfortunate that any school needs to participate in fundraising, the funds raised also allow schools to do things that would otherwise not happen or that would be well down the priority list. For example, schools can use locally raised funds for literally any purpose: such as painting school buildings, furniture upgrades, ICT upgrades, staffing increases, school transport, students resources, teacher resources. The list is endless.

A committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting where everyone votes for a Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary. The meetings do follow a set protocol to enable them to run smoothly but are generally relaxed and informal, with everyone’s comments being welcome. All staff and parents are members of the PTA.


Being part of the “Parent Teacher Association” and coming to the meetings is a great way of getting to know more about the school and upcoming activities.

PTA Executive 2019



Catherine Morrison


Helen Howes


Lisa Geary


Aroha Stewart


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