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Students from St Joseph's School get to participate or compete in all of the events, activities and programmes around the district (and further afield) that are available and appropriate. Our rural location has never proven to be a liability, rather a blessing. Our students are competitive and focused when matched up with their peers from larger centres. Our students play fair. Our students follow the rules and they respect themselves and those around them and they make us proud

Students at St Joseph's that demonstrate or display special abilities are provided for within the classroom programmes through differentiated learning.  We focus on and cater for the needs of the individual and continually research and provide different ways of learning for different learning styles. We create a variety of opportunities for students to self-direct and self-manage their own learning.

Gifted and Talented

Gifted students at St Joseph’s School are those who have the ability or potential ability to achieve significantly beyond their peers, in one or more areas.


Talented students at St Joseph’s School are those who demonstrate their ability through performance or achievement, significantly beyond their peers in one or more areas.


Gifted and talented students at St Joseph’s School can be found in every culture and in every socioeconomic group.

Thinking Skills

All students are able to think, but knowing how to select and use specific thinking strategies to problem solve, make decisions and foster creativity requires a deliberate and structured thinking skills programme. Thinking is a key competency which underpins everything we do and teaches students to be reflective, lifelong learners.

External Academic Competitions

In Years 5-8, students can take part in the Great Kiwi English, Science and Mathematics Competitions. These are run by the University of Canterbury. The Kiwi competitions are written by New Zealand teachers for New Zealand students and are based on the New Zealand curriculum. The competitions are online. They are administered by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) at the University of Canterbury. The competition provides teachers, parents and students with an independent, comprehensive record of a student’s performance in key school subjects. The competitions usually take place at the end of Term 2.


Our Year 7-8 students attend Technology at the Technology Centre in Timaru one morning each week. They travel by bus. The children learn Electronics and Control, Materials, Robotics, Coding, Structure and Mechanisms, Materials and Graphics, Food, Biotechnology, Design, ICT, Digital Design, Production and Process.

Kiwi Sport

The aim of Kiwi sport is to increase the number of school-aged children participating in organised sport, increase the availability and accessibility of sport opportunities for all school-aged children and support children to develop skills that enable them to participate confidently in sport.


Once a week our Year 2-4 students learn fundamental skills from our Kiwi sport co-ordinator at school.


Once a week our Year 5-8 students go off site to participate in a variety of sports taken by experienced coaches.


Each year, students from Years 5-8 participate in school speech competitions. Year 3 & 4 present a 1 minute talk and Year 5-8 learn how to write and present a 2 minute speech on their chosen topic. The Year 5-6 students chose whether to present their speech where the Year 7-8 students are expected to present there’s.

Performing Arts

Every second year all children are involved in a production where they sing, dance and act.

Music Lessons

There are music teachers in the community who offer piano and guitar lessons.

Environmental Education

Students have many opportunities to get involved in environmental education. We have a gardening group, recycling, a vegetable garden and composting.

Sport (Club)

Children can play a variety of sport for the many clubs based locally in Pleasant Point or in nearby Timaru. We have children who play hockey, basketball, soccer, cricket, tennis and netball.

Sport (School)

We also put in sports teams in school competitions such as Triathlon and Rippa Rugby.

Rural Sports

We belong to the Rural Sports Group which is made up of six rural schools: Cannington, Beaconsfield, Barton Rural, Timaru Christian and St Andrews. We come together for Swimming Sports, Cross Country and Athletics. The best athletes from these competitions go through to the South Canterbury Competition. We also hold a Technology day together for our Year 5-8 students.

Young Leader's Day

The Year 7/8 students attend a Catholic Young Leaders Day each year organised by the Catholic South Canterbury Principals. The children get to hear young leaders talk about their experiences as leaders and what it is like moving from Primary School to Secondary School. They also participate in a variety of workshops such as team building skills and get to mix with other Year 7/8 students.

Spelling/Social Studies Quiz

The Year 5-8 students get to participate in the Otago Daily Times Spelling Quiz and Social Studies Quiz. There is a Year 5/6 and a Year 7/8 competition and children compete in teams of three. The Spelling Quiz is held at the end of Term 2 and the Social Studies Quiz is held at the end of Term 4.


Jubilate is a choir of older students that practise singing religious songs which they perform with other children from Catholic schools to an audience in a local Catholic church.

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