Reporting to Parents

Class Meetings

We begin the year by having class meetings. These are held early in Term 1. This gives you the chance to meet your child’s class teacher for the year and they will explain their classroom programme. It is a great opportunity for you to ask questions, see the classroom and get to know the teacher.



You will receive two written reports. One in the last week of Term 2 and the second in the final week of the school year. The Term 2 report is followed by Student Led Conferences.


The Term 2 report is an Interim Report. This reports informs you of your child’s progress to date and predicts whether they will meet the expected level by the end of the year. You can bring this report along to the Student Led Conference and discuss with the teacher. A Student Led Conference is an opportunity for your child to share their learning with you, with the support of the classroom teacher. It gives you a chance to talk with your child about their learning and progress as well as the teacher. The report covers progress in Reading, Writing, Maths, RE and a General Comment. It also states next steps for learning.


The final report at the end of the year states whether your child has reached their expected level in Reading, Writing and Maths. If they have achieved beyond their expected level they will have exceeded expectation (EE). If they have reached their expected level they are within expectation (WE) and if they have not reached their expected level they are working towards (WT). Teachers will have contacted parents of children who are working towards their expected level to explain what is happening with their learning.


The final report also covers how you can help at home, Special Character, Integrated Learning Areas and The Arts, Health and PE, MacKillop Values, Key Competencies and a General Comment.

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